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Flattening The Curve: Social Distancing & Solar Working Together

With the world changing day-by-day the key to this time in our lives is adapting and finding solutions to the issues at hand. We, as a world, have taken the right steps to flatten the curve with Covid-19 by doing our part by staying home to prevent the spread of this out of control situation.

Just like everyone adapting to this new time we find ourselves in, we at KOTA are following the trend and adapting to this time through our mantra of "Keep Moving Forward." While other solar companies are falling by the wayside due to the changes in the world caused by Covid-19, we are continuing to do our part by continuing to focus on saving homeowner's thousands with their electric bills and saving the environment one solar installation at a time.

Just like preventing the spread of Covid-19 we, at KOTA, are preventing the spread of PG&E's uncontrollable rates and their consistent uncertainty. We are pushing forward past these current obstacles to help homeowner's flatten the curve when it comes to their electric bills.


There is no perfect time to do anything, but if there is ever a time to take action to give yourself control, ownership, and stability it is during these uncertain times. The time to go solar is now.

PG&E Uncertainty

While PG&E is providing some credit to homeowners during this time by not shutting off power to delinquent homeowners or allowing homeowners to receive the state-mandated climate credit on their April bill, these are just temporary solutions to an uncertain future.

One temporary solution in PG&E's uncertain future is their continued grid maintenance, until one day where they are finally able to complete *cough* (fund) the Underground Wire Project. Until that day, their continued grid maintenance means two things for customers:

1.) Increased rates to compensate for their archaic infrastructure; and

2.) Wildfire season maintenance will be the worst it's been in years.

As to the latter, we say this only because currently PG&E is very limited in their ability to maintain the grid due to the Covid-19 outbreak. PG&E is not maintaining the grid as they have in the past due to the outbreak, thereby leaving them ill-prepared for the upcoming wildfire season.

As we saw with the most recent wildfire season, shutoffs are inevitable. Therefore, homeowners will be left without power and out of their control to do anything to provide themselves stability. However, waiting for PG&E to do what they have continually done every year is negligent when there is an opportunity before homeowners today to provide themselves ownership and control of their bills and their power. Thus, we are now offering battery options with each custom proposal.

Battery Options

With the future of the world up in the air all we want during this time is some predictability and peace of mind. When you go solar you get both. You get the peace of mind knowing that your system is producing all the power you need for your home when completed with a battery option. You also get predictability in knowing you are paying a fixed monthly solar payment as compared to whatever future rate increase PG&E imposes on you.

The battery options we are providing offer homeowners the ability to be energy independent from PG&E. They also provide homeowners with stability moving forward knowing that no matter what the future holds whether it be a future outbreak or PG&E's future increases, they will not have to worry about keeping the lights on.

If there was ever a power shutoff, having a battery will give you peace of mind knowing that your refrigerated food won't be a potential loss or having to worry about prepping for the shutoff. Staying home during these times has shown homeowners that having power at home is a necessity when it comes to getting work done or keeping their kids busy with something to do.

Imagine still being under the shelter in place during a power shutoff, sounds like a perfect storm to me. What sounds like a perfect solution is making the choice to take the money you are already paying PG&E and put that money toward a solar asset and own your power from day one.

If you want to provide yourself with stability, ownership, and peace of mind by making the switch to solar today we are ready and available to get you started. We have custom proposals at the ready and following the current CDC recommendations regarding Covid-19 we have transitioned our entire consulting process online via Zoom Video Conferencing Calls. Check the video below for more details.


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