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KOTA Client Testimonials

AT KOTA 'We Care'. We care about the culture we've built, we care about the service and the products we provide, and most importantly we care about the customer experience. 

More than anything we want to make sure the customer's needs are taken care of and for them to be nothing but happy with the experience, because if they aren't happy we aren't happy. 

See what our happy customers had to say about Kristian and KOTA.

Jolynn S.

Walnut Creek 

   "Some great news for my rooftop and all thanks to Kristian True and KOTA! He dropped by to see if he could help me save money and energy. His kind and professional approach was very much appreciated. He provided supportive knowledge regarding solar.

   I had done much research on the benefits of solar so I was pleasantly surprised to find his presentation accurate and well designed for my needs.
   He took all the time I wanted for full comprehension of the products he had to offer and to explain the procedure for installation...

Jason P.

Walnut Creek 

   "Our KOTA Energy Group salesman showed up at our door in September and explained how we could have a solar array installed and saved us from the ever-increasing electric utility (PG&E) bill. 

   Our monthly electricity was anywhere from $450-$650/mo! I was hesitant because I had little cash reserves to put any money down... 

   He showed me how for zero out of pocket they could the whole project, reduce my "bill" to $280/mo and how it would stay that way for the next 300 months (25 yrs!)!...

Lucy C.


   Kristian True knocked on my door in January to talk about the advantages of solar power. At first, I was hesitant because I'm the only one living in my home, so I didn't think it would be cost-effective for me.

   But then I thought conditions might have changed since I recently had to cut down two huge pine trees that had largely shaded my home

   So I sat down with Kristian and he looked at my PG&E bills, etc. After going through the numbers for cost and how it would work, I thought what KOTA had to offer could make sense for me....


Edward K.

Walnut Creek 

   "We really liked the fact that you were good about explaining things in a way a consumer like me could understand.
    We were concerned that our PG&E electric bill wasn’t high enough to warrant going solar and that the numbers wouldn’t work out in our favor. That concern was eliminated. 
    The whole process was very smooth and KOTA was very thorough and responsive. Great experience overall."

James & John


Walnut Creek 

Bill & Nicole



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