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Solar + Roof

Think you can't make the switch to solar because you can't front the costs for a new roof?

What if I told you that you can get a new roof for zero money out of pocket and at a 26% discount

There's no better time to get a new roof because when you go solar you can package the roof together with the solar project and receive the 26% Investment Tax Credit 

Who Does the Roof Work?

We have partnered with the area's best roofing company, Cal Pro Roofing, who handles all of our roof jobs. Cal Pro Roofing provides the best price out of anyone around and exceeds all expectations on all of the projects we have used them 

What Types of Roofs Can We Install on?

We pride ourselves on being able to install on any and all roof types apart from Wood Shake. Click the link to see examples of roof types we install on and the details involved with each type.

How Do I Pay No Upfront Costs & Get a 26% Discount on My Roof?

When you go solar with KOTA we provide a free roof quote. Through our solar financier, Loanpal, we package the roof costs into the solar loan that way you receive the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit on the roof costs as well as the solar. And with our solar financier, Loanpal, when you package the roof with the solar there are no upfront costs for either project. Most of our homeowners who packaged the new roof into the solar loan had a solar monthly payment at the same or lower than where they were currently paying PG&E

Check out some of our Solar + Roof installations and what some of our clients had to say about their experience going solar with us. 






Want more info? Give us a call today to help you and please check out our other channels for solar news, highlights, and industry need to knows!







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Switching Roofs
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