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After looking through all the videos submitted for the contest, the leaders of KOTA came to an unanimous decision. The creativity and comedy provided a break from the quarantine craze for many family and friends of the KOTA Team. and it just goes to show how much our KOTA Team is more skilled than just being solar salespeople.

There were many great videos submitted for the contest, but ultimately there is only one winner.

And the winner is....

We Belong to Door Knocking

Yours truly, took home first prize for the Pat Benatar - "We Belong", lip sync. I had a great time making this video and I hope you all enjoyed watching it. Special thanks to the KOTA leaders - Michael, Cole, Kevin, Scott, & Tony - and another special thanks to my roommates, Grant & Matt, for their help filming the video. Here's "We Belong to Door Knocking"...


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