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Jason Parker Installation

My Background

I met Jason at his house with one of my other brokers from the office. We sat down with him and talked about what he was looking to get out of his solar project. He had mentioned his roof being very old and we informed him how he could have a brand new roof and solar system at a rate that would be over $200 less than where he was paying PG&E (!!) all the while pocketing over $20,000 for the Federal Tax Credit (!!)

After seeing that opportunity he knew it was a no brainer on top of knowing his system and roof were warrantied by the industry-leading 25-year warranty covering Roof Penetration, Workmanship, Manufacturer, & Performance guarantees. Jason was a great client to work with and showed off his backyard farm while his son showed us his virtual reality skills after our consultation.

Jason's Installation

These pigs were just too cute. 😂🐖🐷

I tried the VR and it's a little tricky at first but Jason's son is a VR expert. Glad I got to share that experience with them

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