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Solar 101

In 2017, a report from the International Energy Agency showed that solar has become the world’s fastest-growing source of power, meaning solar has surpassed all other types of fuel.By capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity, solar panels generate power for your home or business.

The sun is a natural nuclear reactor, releasing tiny units of energy called photons. The photons travel 93 million miles from the Sun to Earth in just 8.5 minutes. Every hour, photons impact the earth to generate enough solar energy to theoretically accomplish global energy need for an entire year.

Right now, photovoltaic power only accounts for five-tenths of one percent of the energy consumed in the United States.

Understanding Your Solar Panel System

So, you may be wondering, “How does a solar panel system work?”

  • First, sunlight hits a solar panel on your roof.

  • The panels convert the energy to DC (direct current) current, which

  • The energy flows through conduit to an inverter.

  • The inverter then converts the electricity from direct current to alternating current, which you can then use to power your home.

This method is simple, clean, efficient and affordable.

Net Energy Metering & Battery Storage

Typically, a grid-tied photovoltaic solar system, during peak daylight hours, produces more energy than one customer needs. The good news is that the excess energy is fed back into the grid. If you have a battery tied system, the excess energy will be stored there until the battery is full and then fed the the grid. The customer gets credit for the excess energy produced and can then draw that credit from the grid at night or on cloudy, overcast days. A net meter records the energy sent in comparison to the energy received from the grid. Most power companies

Solar energy is an efficient, pollution-free way of reducing dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. It not only benefits the consumer but also helps keep our planet cleaner.

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