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California Solar Mandate: What You Need to Know

One of the biggest news in the solar industry for 2020 is the California Solar Mandate that was instituted this year. A first-in-the-nation law requiring new homes to have rooftop solar panels takes effect Jan. 1. Essentially every new home built in California after the start of the New Year is required to have a rooftop solar system

Check out the details your should know regarding the mandate and watch this quick clip from @whatsamortgage that gives an overview of the mandate.


Purpose of the Mandate:

This mandate is a way for California to further promote homeowner's making the change to solar. It also is a hope to meet the future mandates in place such as the mandate to have 50% of all homes in California to be solar homes. The mandate also gives value to the Berkeley study detailing the $15,000 of direct equity solar adds to your home.

Exception to the Mandate:

Your home is exempt if it has less than 80 continuous square feet of roofspace is unshaded by trees, buildings, etc. If you have batteries to store the solar power, the system can be 25% smaller

Cost of the Mandate:

'The California Energy Commission estimates that the solar mandate, along with other building code changes, will add $9,500 per home in construction costs, but save homeowners $19,000 in energy and maintenance costs over 30 years. A commission study projected that the cost passed along to the home buyer would be marginal — in other words, developers will largely absorb the added cost.'


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