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James & John Sugay Solar Installation & Testimonial Video

Here is the full length testimonial video where James Sugay details how the entire solar installation process was for his home, how KOTA & myself handled the process for him, and some other fun tidbits that might help with your decision to go solar yourself. Be sure to like, comment, and share this so a friend looking to switch to solar knows the one place to go for all their solar needs!


I met James & John through a friend this past summer. After sitting down with them and going through their bill they realized that there was no reason to wait to switch to solar. James & John are top of the line clients so it only made sense they went with the top panel in the market today, Solaria.

James & John have become very close friends and I always love going to their house and seeing those Solaria panels shimmering in the sunlight.

Thank you James & John for being awesome KOTA clients and even better friends!!


Want more info? Give us a call today to help you and please check out our other channels for solar news, highlights, and industry need to knows!


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