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Solar Financing 

This article covers the in's and out's of solar financing. Everything from how the solar loan works, who are our solar financiers are, and much more are covered in this comprehensive guide. For more detailed answers regarding solar financing check out our FAQ page 

How Do You Pay For Going Solar?

There are four ways to go solar:

1.) Pay Cash

2.)  Solar Financing

3.) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

4.) Lease

The first two options are direct ownership options while the latter are third party ownership options. For more info regarding third party ownership head over to our 

Buying Solar Panels: Direct Ownership Options
Paying Cash for Solar

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck in going soalr, cash is king. If you have the cash saved up to pay for your system outright, it is the best option for the shortest return on investment and you never pay an electric bill again. 


From day one your system will be producing free energy and saving you money. On a solar only purchase the typical payback period with KOTA is from 5-7.5 years. When you add in items to the project such as tree trimming, batteries, or roofing the payback period ranges between 7-10 years. 

At KOTA, our schedule of cash payments is split into three separate payments schedule throughout the timeline

1.) "Down Payment" - $1,000 due at signing which gets you through the site survey and design phases.

In the past you would have to outlay all that cash or lease the system but with solar financing you can now finance the system for no money out of pocket and see immediate savings day one. 

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Schedule of Cash Payments
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